Friday, October 29, 2010

My Thoughts of the Centennial Exhibit

            The centennial exhibit is an extraordinary room filled with the history of The University of Southern Mississippi.  There were many historical items in that that filled my heart with joy, and my mind with knowledge. Some of the things in there I didn’t know exist; for example, The University of Southern Mississippi was first known as Mississippi Normal college in 1912, 1924 Mississippi Southern college, and finally in 1962 it was named  The University of Southern Mississippi.
They had a lot of wonderful things in there, but what I found most intriguing was the “Red coat” they had in tribute to the Scottish heritage former president, William D. McCain during the red coat day they had a bag pipe ensemble. I felt that it represent the university well, showing how we embrace our diversity.  Another interesting thing I saw was the original design for campus created by R.H. Hunt. Even though they didn’t approve the entire design, they accepted: College hall, Hattiesburg Hall, Forrest County hall, Presidents House (now known as the alumni house), and what is now the honors house.   I feel that every student should visit and honor the history of The University of Southern Mississippi, because if all of that hadn’t been, we wouldn’t be. While in there I came across this quote and I feel it explains the university well. “Southern Miss is a thriving Comprehensive university that strives to give its student the knowledge and understanding they will need to live creatively and joyfully”- Aubrey L. Lucas